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Consumer Broadband Testing

Give your community a way to test their Internet connections.

White label our open-source Internet speed test tool to let your community or customers test their connections and find out what broadband looks like where they live.


White label, open-source

Our speed test tool can be white labeled and is fully open-source so you have full control over it.


Not just speed

Go beyond simple upload and download speeds by capturing detailed performance metrics with every test.


Extend your reach

Use our outreach resources to ensure greater engagement within your communities.

Speed test integration

Enable visitors to run speed tests from your website.

Add our white-labelable widget

Let your users run speed tests and compare their speeds against the broader community, while capturing optional information like service cost, location type and geolocation. Contact us for customization options as you prepare to launch this in the context of your own community.

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Radar for Mobile

Test Wi-Fi and cellular connections with our mobile app.

Let your customers or community test their connectivity from anywhere with our free mobile app for iOS and Android.

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